Do you like our products like we do? Would you like to become an affiliate of and earn 20% commission on each successful sale you refer?


These terms are here to outline the rules, what is expected and our boundaries. Because failure to follow them will result in the termination of your affiliate account.

Affiliate Terms of Use

  1. To register as an affiliate you must have an active Sansahash account that you own.
  2. To be accepted as an affiliate, Sansahash will look at your application and review it first. One of the things we look at is if your site/blog/page contains genuine content and are in line with our bussiness.
  3. We reserve the right to reject affiliate applications for any reason. We also reserve the right to choose whether we provide an explanation or reasoning for affiliate application rejection.
  4. Once accepted as an affiliate, you will earn 20% commission on each sale you refer. The commission exclude taxes from referral calculations.
  5. There is no maximum payout! So go crazy with promotions! Bust stick to the RULES.
  6. We pay out affiliate commissions in EUR & USD via PayPal in the first week of every month.
  7. Once you are registered with us, you will need to generate at least 1 sell within 90 days to stay as an affiliate or your account will be labelled as an inactive and will be deleted.
  8. The referral tracking cookie should be valid for 25 days to give them chance to buy it later. If they purchased the product after that, you will not earn commission from that.
  9. You will only earn a commission from a successful sell. ie with no cancellation.
  10. Suspicious activities are not allowed and if we think you are involving  in one, your account will be banned.
  11. You are not allowed to use your affiliate links for your own purchases to get commission.
  12. You must direct the customer only to Sansahash website to earn commission.
  13. We do not allow an affiliate to have more than one account!
  14. Please know the rules of the social media promotion. Do not promote using your affiliate links and use someone else photos, or promoting in places where it is not allowed etc. READ THE RULES BEFORE PROMOTING. Or else the account will be deleted. NO SPAMMING.
  15. Sansahash requires you to identify yourself as an affiliate all the time in all posts when using your affiliate links!! On the social media refer to point 14 before promoting. On your page/blog you can add this in the sidebar or footer.
  16. By becoming an affiliate you will receive emails from Sansahash TIME TO TIME. These emails will be sent to you only, to inform you of the upcoming sales, products. blog tours, sew alongs etc. We promise we won’t spam you.
  17. If you happened to be in any violation, your account will be deactivated.
  18. By continuing with application form after reading our terms of use you are accepting our nonlegal agreement.
  19. The relationship between the affiliate and Sansahash is not a formal agreement, and as an affiliate you are not an employee of Sansahash.

Thats all for now.

Happy Sewing

Mgeni of Sansahash