high low Lilah

High Low Lilah Tutorial

I fall in love with the high-low Lilah dress the first time I saw it here. And I remember telling myself I need to make that version. And life got in the way and forgotten.

High Low Lilah Tutorial

Here is the Lilah Top paired with Niva Leggings (English & Dutch) by Sarah Jolley.

These leggings are perfect addition to any outfit. Must have! #sansahashniva

I then came across Peppatii post few months later who also fall in love with the high low Lilah and immediately told myself now its really the time to make one!

Another Top version by Peppatii.

high low Lilah

And here we are!

It is such a quick hack and the result is amazing!

Shall we begin?

For this project you’ll need:

Lilah Dress & Top Pattern (Dutch or English)

Extra paper to add length to the back skirt

A curved ruler

Before we continue, make sure:

  1. You have already constructed your bodice either woven or knit.
  2. You have printed your skit pieces, blended chest & length but not cut yet

Making It High-Low

First, lay your back skirt pattern piece sheet on the floor or table. Next, decide how long you want the back skirt to drop. I decided to drop it 4 1/8″ (11 cm) from the bottom of the skirt at fold line. Mark this point.

high low Lilah

With your curved ruler, make an outwardly curved from the marked point to the side seam point. Easy right?

high low Lilah

Here is the new back hemline.

high low Lilah Go ahead and cut the front and back skirt.

high low Lilah

Follow the instructions to finish the skirt.

And that’s it! Here’s how it looks on!

high low Lilah

high low Lilah

high low Lilah

high low Lilah

Happy Sewing

Mgeni of Sansahash

I’d really love to see your creations! Remember to tag us @sansahash so we can see what you’ve made with our patterns! Also check what others have been doing with our patterns. I have seen amazing hacks!!! #sansahashpatterns #sansahash

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