How to Make Your Basic Bikini Bottoms Reversible


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So I know many of you are scared to work with elastic in swimwear. Trust me there is nothing to be scared of. Today I would like to share an easy way of making your basic bikini reversible and without elastic. Cool right? We will use our new release L&K Swimsuit pattern to show you how.

P.S. You can grab a copy of the English version here and Dutch version here.  Please be sure to share your creations on IG or Facebook.  Use #sansashash #sansahashlk

Shall we begin?

How to Make Your Basic Bikini Bottoms Reversible

Sansahashlk reversible bikini


Step 1: 

Place your main front piece RS up.  With RS together, place your main back piece on top of the main front piece. We are going to sew the crotch seam. Pin at the crotch.  Sew. Clip and Grade the crotch seam allowance. Then sew the side seams together. You can use the serger or a zig zag stitch. Repeat with the other print.

Insert your lining piece inside the main piece WS together.

Sansahashlk reversible bikini


Step 2:

We are going to hem everything. Start marking  3/8”  (1 cm) away from the top edge around the waist and around the legs. Repeat with the other side of the print.


Step 3:

Fold the amount of fabric you just marked towards the WS. Pin a lot. Repeat with the other side.

This is how it looks on the back!

Sansahashlk reversible bikini


This is how it looks on the front.

Sansahashlk reversible bikini

Step 4:

Take your bikini to your sewing machine and with a  wide zigzag stitch topstitch your bikini using 1/4″ (0.6 cm).

Sansahashlk reversible bikini

You are done!

Stand back & enjoy your work!

Sansahashlk reversible bikini

Happy sewing xxx


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