INSERTING A ZIPPER: Unisex Seronera Bomber Jacket Sew Along

Unisex Seronera Bomber Jacket Sew Along

Let’s finish our jacket by inserting a zipper today. Here you can see our last post  waistband and neckband.

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Shall we begin?

INSERTING A ZIPPER: Unisex Seronera Bomber Jacket Sew Along

Step 1: Determine the placement of the zipper by transferring the notches on the neckband and waistband.

Step 2: Separate it.

inserting zipper tutorial

Step 3: Lay the zipper RS against the jacket main, from top to bottom notch. The teeth should be pointing towards the sleeves and the WS of the zipper is facing up. Baste in place.

TIP: I  used a double sided adhesive tape to secure the zipper in place during sewing.  This is so handy!

inserting zipper tutorial

inserting zipper tutorial

Step 4: Now fold the lining or facing onto the main so the RS are touching. Pin and sew.

inserting zipper tutorial

inserting zipper tutorial

Turn it inside outing press. Repeat with the other side.

inserting zipper tutorial

Once the zipper has been installed, we will need to turn THE LINED JACKET right side out: To do so you will need to create a gap of 3″ ( 8cm) between the lining and waistband. This only applies if you have lined your jacket. Pull the jacket out through this gap. Close the gap by hand-stitch.

FINISH THE UN-LINED JACKET:  Sew closed the bottom of the waistband that was not sewn to the facing by pressing  3/8” (1 cm) of the fabric towards the WS of the waistband. Align this with the seams we created when attaching the waistband to the jacket. Pin it in place. Topstitch it close.

inserting zipper tutorial

inserting zipper tutorial

You did it!!!!

And here you have it! Your finished jacket and reversible!

inserting zipper tutorial

inserting zipper tutorial

Psst…Don’t forget to share your progress photo (s) with us on Sansahash-Seronera Sew-Along Facebook group! using hashtag #seronerasewalong #sansahash #sansahashseronera . Also tag us @sansahash so we can see your creations.

Happy Sewing xxx.


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