NEW RELEASE: Seronera Bomber Jacket/ Impala Skirt

We are super super excited because this Fall we are releasing 2 new patterns. One includes a Unisex pattern! How cool is that?

NEW RELEASE: Seronera Bomber Jacket/Impala Skirt

Let’s start with our Seronera Bomber Jacket shall we?


First of all this Jacket is Unisex. Yes you heard this right. It’s for both boys and girls.

The jacket features a ribbed funnel neck to help insulate heat on cold days, front zipper for ease access, long sleeves with banded cuffs which are intended to cover half of the hand, welt pockets, and a ribbed hem to ensure the jacket to stay in place. Super cool right?!

must have jacket this fall by sansahash

There are 2 versions. 

A sporty version

This version is designed for girls. But I am convinced that boys can handle this look too! Don’t you agree? 😉

must have jacket this fall by sansahash

must have jacket this fall by sansahash

A Long version

The long version is perfect for boys or for those who would love their bomber jackets to have a little bit of length.

must have jacket this fall by sansahash

You can add thumbholes to your sleeves for extra warmth. Tutorial click here.

Best Fall Jacket ever by Sansahash

Best Fall Jacket ever by Sansahash

And the welt pockets on this one are such a perfect addition and practical as well if you know what I mean. For tutorial click here.

must have jacket this fall by sansahash

With your fancy stitches in your sewing machine, the sky is the limit!

must have jacket this fall by sansahash


Okay enough of our Seronera Jacket, our next pattern is Impala Skirt. The skirt features an unsymmetrical layered skirt on the front with a yoga waistband.

Must have Fall Skirt by Sansahash

You can add a nice detail to it. An exposed zipper! How cool?

Must have Fall Skirt by Sansahash

Or without and still looks perfect.

Must have Fall Skirt by Sansahash

Pair the Seronera Jacket with Impala and you will have a perfect outfit.

must have jacket this fall by sansahash

must have jacket this fall by sansahash


These are must have in the wardrobe of your little one.


You can grab a copy of the English version of our Seronera Jacket and Impala here  and here or Dutch versions here  and here for just $5.5 (€ 5 excluding VAT) through monday 24th, September 2018.  There is a coupon code in our Facebook group to purchase them for only $5 for the first 24 hours after release.  Use #sansashash #sansahashseronera #sansahashimpala

Blog Tour & Giveaways


Today is the beginning of our Fall blog tour! Our testers/bloggers have put together a series of blog posts to show you their amazing creations using our Fall patterns!

Please join us for daily inspiration and giveaways! Each day 1 winner will take away both patterns. All you have to do is to follow the instructions of each blogger you visited including my blog

What you have to do:

  1. Leave me a comment below by telling me which pattern is your favourite.
  2. Pin one of these photos


Here is the Schedule:

Tuesday 18th September 2018

  1. Fleur van Haaster-Sebregts of Fleuresebregts
  2. Alexandra Robbe of  bysawadee
  3. Annet Lugtenburg of annetsnaaicreaties
  4. Davina Briers of woohoobydavina
  5. Marieke te Voortwis of Mamarieke
  6. Marieke Van Damme of mariekefalderieke
  7. Gloria Aldana  of @becauseofherboutique

Wednesday 19th September 2018

  1. Vanessa Deconninck of studio_juliette
  2. Astrid Bissiere of pepetteetsescousettes
  3. Aurore Duveau of MyW0nd3rland
  4. Cindy Matthijssen of missmaakt
  5. Tine Wouters of @10e89
  6. Dagbjørt Sigurdardottir of bydagbjort
  7. Vanessa Soete of Buttonhappy
  8. Gloria Aldana of @becauseofherboutique

Thursday 20th September 2018

  1. Ceal Sewing of cael_sewing
  2. Tine Busschaert of piepow
  3. Inge Vanberghen of skwadraatlive
  4. Tamara Straetemans of lunatiek

Friday 21st September 2018

  1. Marieke Brugman of studiospatz
  2. Valerie of valeriemoestash
  3. Ingrid Derniaux of minette-et-choupinette
  4. Lesley De Winter of frullemieke
  5. Ln Gilbaz of lavalisedepetitloup
  6. Isabel Taverniers of Sewbel

Saturday 22nd September 2018

  1. caroline vanschoonbeek of motherfromgirlandboy
  2. Nelleke van der Haar of  gaafmachine
  3. Ellen Merckx of  mamadammeke
  4. Hanne Dekien of ongemerktblog
  5. Audrey Chiaramonte of audreyslagniappes
  6. Claudia of  IG
  7. Zoe Lawson

Happy Sewing !

35 responses to “NEW RELEASE: Seronera Bomber Jacket/ Impala Skirt”

  1. Mgeni Lotte Fogde says:

    Love the bomber🤩

  2. Mgeni Pam says:

    Love the bomber jacket! My ten year old boys would also love to wear them!

  3. Mgeni Shana says:

    Bomber jacket!

  4. Mgeni 100% Elke says:

    2 boys in here, so definitely in love with the bomber!

  5. Mgeni Flosschelsea says:

    I would love the jaclet pattern now we are coming into the fall here in ireland the skirt would be amazing for next summer too x

  6. Mgeni Sarah Gommers says:

    Die ritssluiting is zo apart, maakt het echt een stoer rokje!
    En ik ben al langer aan het uitkijken naar een goed bomberpatroon, dat dit zowel voor meisjes als jongens kan, maakt dit i-de-aal voor mijn zoon en dochters!!

  7. Mgeni Anna says:

    Wauw, nice patterns! The skirt is my favorite!

  8. Mgeni Thao says:

    The skirt is so cool, I live the asymmetrical layer and the idea of an exposed zip! Very hip. The jacket is also very on trend! Love these releases!

  9. Mgeni Sanny says:

    Jaaaa eindelijk een stoer patroon voor boy’s. Die van mij zijn dol op dit soort vestjes dus kom maar op! Ik heb al een gaaf stofje van @seeyouatsix op het oog ;-).

  10. Mgeni Lize says:

    Grote fan van de seronera jacket! Zou ik heel wat kindjes blij mee kunnen maken, te beginnen met de neefjes en nichtje!

  11. Mgeni Annemarie Vrijdag says:

    Omg that skirt!! My daughter from 2 years old would sleep in it! The combination with the bomber is perfect

  12. Mgeni Delphine says:

    Love it, the jacket is my favorite for this time of the year

  13. Mgeni Elga says:

    I think that’s a fantastisch pattern I want to try for my twins (a girl + a boy).

  14. Mgeni Ilse says:

    Wat een leuk vest! Die zou ik wel graag willen maken!

  15. Mgeni Natascha Volkers says:

    Wat een super cool vestje. Ik heb nog stofjes die daar mooi bij passen. Echt heel gaaf. ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Mgeni Annie says:

    Met dit patroon zou ik ook graag vestje naaien voor kleindochter en kleinzoon!

  17. Mgeni Annie says:

    Ik zou het vestje wel graag naaien voor de kleindochter en kleinzoon!

  18. Mgeni Ann Van den Bossche says:

    Beautifull! Playfull! Love it

  19. Mgeni dora says:

    Mooi! Dit komt om mijn ‘to sew’ lijstje, zeker weten!

  20. Mgeni Justmie says:

    Wauw, ik ben fan, zowel van het rokje als de jas.

  21. Mgeni Elaine Chamberlain says:

    The patterns compliment each other so well, it’s impossible to choose one as a favorite. I love the giraffes, but all of the animal fabrics …I need to get some now.

  22. Mgeni Keri says:

    I think both are fantastic. I can’t choose!

  23. Mgeni Kelly says:

    i love the bomber jacket and the kids here too.

  24. Mgeni Marijke says:

    Wat een gaaf patroon!! Voor de duimgaten gaan hier een dikke hit zijn!!

  25. Mgeni flaflinko says:

    I’m a big fan! I sorely regret not being able to test this time 😣

  26. Mgeni mama_mart says:

    On insta i said i prefer the bomber jacket….. but now i have seen more versions of the skirt I want to make the skirt for my daughter. And since I have a boy and a girl, the bomber jacket pattern is awesome too!

  27. Mgeni Leisa Burrows says:

    Bomber jacket. Wow love this!!

  28. Mgeni Rene Bolton says:

    These 2 patterns are so cute! I love the skirt with the zipper! That’s my favorite

  29. Mgeni Maria M says:

    I love the bomber jacket! But also that cute zipper detail on the skirt.

  30. Absolutely both cool patterns! I know for a fact my son will LOVE the seronera!

  31. Mgeni Desmet Eveline says:

    Awesome. The seronera bomber jacket is a must have. I could use it for both my son and my daughter. They would be very happy with this bomber jacket.

  32. Mgeni Sylke74 says:

    What a nice pattern, i would like to make this Seronera Jacket for my daughter

  33. Mgeni Bianca van Rooijen says:

    Oh wow, I just love your jacket! Tonight I’m going to purchase it. It will be perfect for my boy!! 😍

  34. Mgeni Raquel Fava says:

    Gorgeous patterns! Especially love the skirt!

  35. Mgeni Raquel Fava says:

    Gorgeous patterns! I love the skirt!

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