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Nilah is a stylish and modern dress that can be worn throughout the seasons. The pattern features a fitted, fully lined bodice with the option of sleeveless, short, 3/4, or long sleeves. The beautiful high-low curved hem adds just the perfect amount of detail to this dress. Are you looking to make one soon? Here is the opportunity!

We are inviting you to join us in Nilah Dress sew-along, starting, Monday, November 13th. Yay!!!


Hopefully by now you have purchased your own copy of the pattern because you do need it for this sew-along, but if not, no worries because both versions Nilah Dress  (English) &Nilah Dress  (Dutch) pattern are on sale through Monday, November 20th for just $5.95. And that is not all! There will be a prize to win at the end of the sew-along! Exciting right!


Please join in the fun in our Facebook Pattern Group under Events where you can see our prize, schedule and interact and see other Nilah sew-along participants’s progress and finish garments. We’ll be there sewing with you and share our creations too.

To help you get started, here are a couple of things that are helpful:

  • You need your child’s recent measurements for a perfect fit.
  • Choose the version you want to sew.
  • Choose the right fabric. Page 9-10 of the pattern tutorial will help you choose the right knit!
  • Choose the right size (s).
  • BLEND. (For example: My daughter is a 3 chest, 4 waist but a 5 length. To get a perfect fit, I blended the size of the chest and waist measurement along with the size of the needed length measurement). Check Page 8 of the pattern tutorial to learn how to blend!
  • Print your pattern pieces. Be sure to use the Adobe “Layers” functionality to print out only the size (s) you need.  Page 5 of the pattern tutorial shows you how to do this. Also be sure to check the “Actual Size” or “Scale to 100%” option on your Print dialog before printing the pattern.
  • There is also instructions on how to arrange the tiles so you can tape the paper together in the right order. This can be found in Page 7.
  • No need to print the instructions.  I always just read using my computer or iPad.


We’ve got one dress and lots of sleeve options. We plan to cover all and more in this sew-along.

Recommended Fabrics:

– 4-way stretch knit fabric with at least a 50% stretch but no more than 75% stretch. Recommended is a blend of at least 5% spandex/ lycra for good recovery. Avoid lightweight spandex/lycra and loose knits (they tend to stretch and sag and do not have a good recovery).

– If you are looking for more dramatic high/low effect, please choose thicker knit fabric for the skirt portion and stay away from thinner knit like rayon spandex.

– Clear elastic to stabilize the waistline (OPTIONAL).

– 3/8” strips of four-way stretch interfacing to stabilize the facing neckline (OPTIONAL).

That is all for now.

Hope to see you there! On November 13th we are taking off on the Nilah Dress Sew-Along! Be sure to use the hashtag #nilahsewalong  #sansahash . Don’t forget to tag us if using Instagram @sansahash. That way we can all find each other’s posts.

Happy sewing xxx


22 responses to “NILAH DRESS SEW-ALONG: JOIN US”

  1. Oh, love this pattern! It has a beautiful modern twist by the unequal lengths (front versus back) of the skirt part ;-). Would love so much to have this pattern 😉

  2. I first ‘met’ Sansahash with the Kamaria top. How I loved all the option. It seems that the Nilah dress is as versatile as the kamaria. Just lovely

  3. Gorgeous dress and perfect for the fall wheather with those sleeves options. Too bad I don’t have time to join in the sewalong. But I would not mind winning a copy to make a Nilah in a few weeks when I do have time 😉
    Would French terry work too?

    • Mgeni Mgeni says:

      Thank you ❤️. French terry might work as long as the stretch amount is minimum 50% of the original width. Make sense?

  4. Sansahash says:

    […] you missed our previous posts, click here & here.  And if you haven’t grabbed your copy of Nilah, you can get the English […]

  5. Mgeni Mieke says:

    Heel mooi patroon!

  6. Mgeni Mieke says:

    Heel leuk patroontje!

  7. Mgeni Deborah Ingelrelst says:

    I notice my previous message was altered by my Phone. Gun should be fun! 😳😱

  8. Mgeni Deborah Ingelrelst says:

    This sounds like a gun sew-along!
    Hopefuly I van find Some time to sew along…

  9. Mgeni Noortje S says:

    I love this dress. Maybe this sew-a-long is the perfect excuse to buy the pattern? 😉

  10. Mgeni Marita Bergmans says:


  11. Mgeni Marita Bergmans says:

    Prachtig 💖

  12. Mgeni Michèle says:

    Molemiekesnaaiblog introduced me to Sansahash. I love your patterns. A very nice idee to introduce a sew along.

  13. Sansahash says:

    […] you missed our first post on how to join us, click here.  And ff you haven’t grabbed your copy of Nilah, you can get the English version here or the […]

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