Sansahash Summer Blog Tour 2018!


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Hello everyone and welcome to Sansahash First Summer Blog Tour 2018!

Sansahash Summer Blog Tour 2018 & Giveaway!

We are so excited to get started and we hope you’ll enjoy the tour. The blog tour will run from June, 5th through June 13th. During this 10-days tour, some great bloggers will be showing you their amazing summer creations from our collection and we can’t wait to see what they came up with.

Sansahash Summer Blog Tour 2018!

Below is the schedule of our bloggers featuring our patterns in the Summer Blog Tour 2018. Be sure to visit all the bloggers on the tour to see their versions and pattern mash up you for your inspiration! Also, every blogger will give away a Free Sansahash pattern of your choice; enter with the Rafflecopter link in their blogs. Come back  each day and click on their links to take you to their blogs and be inspired. Because trust me you will be inspired!

Sansahash Summer Blog Tour 2018!

5th June

  1. yaaritg
  2. mamadammeke
  3. moineau & petit pois
  4. eenmodernsprookje


6th June

  1. moestashaandeslag
  2. scrapskeeper
  3. stannel
  4. blogrevolution


7th June

  1. molemieke
  2. sewciallyacceptable
  3. Ongemerkt
  4. wilwarincoutire

8th June

  1. lielebeesje
  3. flaflinko;
  4. c’estsaar
  5. woohoobydavina


9th June

  1. frullemieke
  2. gaafmachine;
  3. pimpyourpattern
  4. piepow
  5. sewbel
  6. houseoflilli
  7. jeanjeany062


10th June

  1. bydagbjort
  2. mamemimo
  3. wilwarincoutire


11th June

  1. theneedleandthebelle
  2. soulfedonthread
  3. beletoile
  4. choolnduck
  5. hutsepruts


 P.S… SALE!!!

sansahash sale

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New Pattern & Another Giveaway!!!

We are also so excited to announce that our Sansahash Imari is now in Dutch and LIVE! To purchase your copy, simply click this link! The pattern is on sale for just €5 until 14th of June.

Love the fit of these shorts!

My daughter is wearing the bubble version! What would you make?

Would you like to WIN IT before you can buy it? Enter the Rafflecopter link below:

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