Have you seen our newest summer addition? Meet Lya! Gorgeous summery sleeveless jumpsuit/romper with a round low neckline, open back, elastic waist and cut on the lower sides. The pattern comes with a gorgeous dress to complete the look. 2 in 1. Must have this summer. gorgeous summer romper with open back and elastic waist   When Cindy posted her fit pictures of her girl wearing cute shorts made from Lya Pattern during testing, I was blown away. I wanted to try it too. So I immediately asked her to make a blog about the hack.  So here we go! Let’s welcome Cindy. Hi there, I’ts Cindy from Miss_maakt at Instagram. When I was making the Lya jumpsuit during testing, I really wanted to give it a more sporty / retro look by adding bias binding to the pants. And then I thought this will also look super cool as shorts! Would you like to make shorts from Lya pattern as well? lya shorts hack So to start, you’ll need:
  1. Lya pattern (don’t own it yet? You can find this pattern here in English and here in Dutch (affiliate links) still on sale.
  2. Pattern pieces cut out of the fabric you want to use. These are pants front, pants back, and elastic according to the measurements given in the charts.
  3. Extra bias binding for the shorts. We’ll measure later on how much you will need.
Let’s go ahead!

Sew Shorts with Lya Pattern

Step 1.

 Take your front shorts en lay them on top of each other. There’s a little corner on the bottom of the side seam, we need to make this more curved. Cut away the fabric to give it a rounded corner. Make sure not to cut away any fabric above the notch though!lya shorts hack

Step 2.

 Now put your front shorts right side togethers, and your back shorts right sides together. Sew/serge the center front and center back seam. Press. lya shorts hack

Step 3.

 Now put your front and back shorts right sides together. Line it up at the crotch seam and sew that seam. Do not sew the side seams. lya shorts hack

Step 4.

Lay the shorts open in front of you. Now you need to measure the complete side seams as shown below. From front down to the crotch and all the way back to the top of the back shorts.  This will give you the measurement of the binding length you will need. Cut this binding length, with 4cm width. lya shorts hack

Step 5.

 Now add your binding all along the sides you just measured. How to add this binding, you can find in the Lya instructions step 2 & step 7. Only difference is you don’t need to stretch the binding in this part. lya shorts hack

Step 6.

 Now lay the back of your shorts right sides facing down and the front on top of it. Front and back are wrong sides together.  lya shorts hack

Step 7.

Mark your front shorts 2cm from the edge with a aqua trick marker, tailors chalk or any other pr eferred method. Do this from the bottom of the shorts down to where the notch is. lya shorts hack

Step 8.

 Fold the side seam of the back OVER the side seam of the front. Line up the bias binding of the back with the marking you put on in step 7. Pin in place. lya shorts hack

Step 9.

 Topstitch in place. You can stitch over the stitched you made when you attached the binding. You can use a sewing machine with straight stitch, a twin needle or a coverstitch to do so. Start at the top of the shorts, all the way down to the notch. lya shorts hack

Step 10.

 Repeat step 6-9 for the other side. After this, your shorts should look something like this! lya shorts hack

Step 11.

 Take your elastic and overlap them with 1 cm. Sew closed. Your elastic now is a circle.  lya shorts hack

Step 12.

 Divide the elastic in 4 equal quarters. Also divide the top of your shorts in 4 equal quarters and match up the quarters of the elastic with the quarters of the shorts. (Put the elastic on the inside/wrong side of the shorts) lya shorts hack

Step 13.

Sew (with  a zigzag stitch) or serge your elastic and shorts together, evenly stretching the elastic as you go.  lya shorts hack

Step 14.

 Now flip the top with the elastic over to the inside of the shorts, this way covering up all of the elastic. Pin in place in a few places.  lya shorts hack

Step 15.

From the right side, topstitch the elastic in place. Evenly stretch out the elastic as you stitch so the fabric isn’t gathered when you sew over it, but make sure not to stretch out the fabri c. Topstitch close to the edge of the elastic (1,5-2 cm from the top).  lya shorts hack  THAT’S IT, CONGRATULATIONS YOUR SHORTS ARE DONE!  Here is how it looks on! lya shorts hack lya shorts hack Happy Sewing Cindy of Miss_maakt & Mgeni of Sansahash
We’d really love to see your creations! Remember to tag us @sansahash and @miss_maakt so we can see and admire your Lya Shorts! Also check what others have been doing with our patterns. I have seen amazing hacks!!! #sansahashpatterns #sansahash Sansahash Sh-ew & Tell Group on Facebook is a GREAT & FUN place to share your creations and ask questions, so if you’d like to be a part of the Sansahash sewing community, please request to join!

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