Love this cool chic look of Sansahash Impala

Tutorial: How To Add A Zipper To A Leather Impala Skirt

I have always wanted to make my daughter a front zip up leather skirt. It is such a cool, chic outfit don’t you think?

And of course Impala Skirt is perfect for this! The pattern already has a front zipper attached to the front skirt top piece.

With a leather skirt I wanted to omit the front top part and just have one front and back pieces to work with. Makes life easier don’t you agree?

Today, I want to show you how I did it so if you like you can do this as well.

Note: You will need your Impala Skirt pattern (English & Dutch) to do this. It is currently 20% off. And If you buy more than one patterns we have a save 20% rule in the cart. No code needed.

Shall we begin?

Tutorial: How To Add A Zipper To A Leather Impala Skirt

Step 1: Choose the right sizes for your child and blend (See page 8 of the pattern tutorial).

Step 2: Place your front skirt piece B pattern piece on the table or floor. Take a pen, pencil or marker and extend the hip line on the right to be the same length as the left side. We will use this piece now as our main front piece.

leather skirt tutorial

Step 3: Next, we’re going to extend the zipper line all the way to the bottom hem.

leather skirt tutorial

Then, we going to cut the fabric and attach the zipper. Okay so here is the thing if you do not have a wonder tape you should get one! It was so easy to attach the zipper with a wonder tape keeping the zipper attached to the fabric and preventing it from moving.

Step 4:  Follow Step 1 of the pattern tutorial to cut through the zipper line.  After cutting, finish both sides of the front skirt on the seam where the exposed zipper will be placed using a serger or zig-zag stitch. Next, take your wonder tape and place it on the finished seam RS of the skirt facing up.


leather skirt tutorial


Step 5: Center the zipper underneath the opening, making sure the outside of the zipper is now glued to the wonder tape RS together. Before sewing, make sure the zipper is closed and the zipper head is at the top.  Install a zipper foot on your machine. Starting at the bottom, sew up  the sides of the zipper to the garment.



leather skirt tutorial


You are almost there!

Continue to Step 5 of the pattern tutorial to complete the skirt.

Then stand back & enjoy your amazing work!

A cool chick skirt love it

Love this cool chic look of Sansahash Impala

Happy sewing xxx


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