Adding An Elastic To The The Center Of The Back Skirt


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We’ve got a new summer design for you! Meet Amba!

Amba Dress & Top by Sansahash

Amba is gorgeous vintage summer top/dress that will rock your child wardrobe! The design features a squared neckline, sleeveless bodice with ruffles cascading up the front and over the back. The back is open and closes with the help of buttoned straps or bow ties. The centre of the back skirt is elasticised for easy wearing! This eliminate the need of adding a skirt placket. You have the option to make a top or dress version. Either way you will love this cut on your little one. 

Adding An Elastic To The The Center Of The Back Skirt

Today we have a guest blogger! Meet Cella from Cael Sewing. Cella will explain to you with photo tutorial on how to add a partial elastic waistband along the centre back skirt using our Amba (Dutch version here). It’s very easy to do!

Cella, welcome!

Hi I’m Cella from Cæl Sewing and I’m going to show you in this photo tutorial how to add the elastic in the Amba dress/top without clipping into the fabric.


A sewing machine, a piece of elastic, thread that’s the same colour as your dress / top, pins and Amba Dress & Top pattern (English or Dutch).

STEP 1: Adapting The Back Skirt Piece

You will start with adapting your back skirt pattern. I used a size 6 months skirt for this example.

After printing you will mark the back skirt as instructed in the pattern tutorial to prepare for elastic insertion. In my case that was 3 3/4″ (9,5cm) from each side of the centre of the back. Mark yours based on the measurements given in the pattern tutorial.

I extended the top part of the skirt from fold line 5/8″ (1,5cm) until the mark.

waist elastic tutorial

STEP 2:  Cut your fabric on fold

waist elastic tutorial

STEP 3: Preparing The Casing

Fold the edge 1/4″ (0,5cm) towards the WS and press.

waist elastic tutorial

Fold again and align with the rest of the skirt and press.

waist elastic tutorial

Stitch along the edge (see picture below).

waist elastic tutorial

STEP 4: Inserting Elastic

Check the pattern tutorial on  how long your elastic should be and mark it on your elastic. Don’t cut it yet!

waist elastic tutorial

Insert elastic using a safety pin through the casing.

waist elastic tutorial

Align the elastic with casing. Don’t stretch it!

waist elastic tutorial

Stitch at 3/8″ (1 cm).

waist elastic tutorial

Pull all the fabric to the stitched side. Align the marking on the elastic with the casing. Make sure you don’t stretch the elastic. Sew at 3/8″ (1cm) just like you did above. Cut the extra elastic off.

waist elastic tutorial

Finishing Off The Dress

STEP 5: Attaching the skirt

Leave 3/4″ (2 cm) unsewn at each side of the bodice bottom when sewing the side seams.

waist elastic tutorial

Gather the remaining of the skirt as instructed in the pattern tutorial. Attach the bodice to the skirt as instructed. Don’t forget to fold the seam allowance from the bodice to the inside. Do not sew the  bodice lining to the skirt.

waist elastic tutorial

Now fold 3/8″ (1 cm) of the bodice lining at the bottom towards the WS. This will hide the seams. Hand-stitch the lining to the bodice.

waist elastic tutorial

And that’s it! Here’s how it looks close up!

adding back elastic tutorial

Amba Dress & Top by Sansahash

Thank you Cella so much for this amazing tutorial!

Happy Sewing

Mgeni of Sansahash

I’d really love to see your creations! Remember to tag us @sansahash so we can see what you’ve made with our patterns! Also check what others have been doing with our patterns. I have seen amazing hacks!!! #sansahashpatterns #sansahash

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