Lilah Top & Dress Sew Along: Cutting, Marking & Interfacing


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Welcome to Day 1 of Lilah Sew-along. Today you are going to prepare everything you need for bodice construction.

Lilah Top & Dress Sew Along: Day 1

By now, you already decide the following:

  1. The version (s) you want to sew,
  2. The fabric (s) you want to use and
  3. The fabric (s) are washed and dried, right?

If yes, then let’s get started!

Bodice preparation

For woven version: You will need three pattern pieces; Front bodice, Back bodice and Front bodice Interfacing.

For knit version:  You will need two pattern pieces; Front bodice and Back bodice.

You will then:

  1. Cut your pieces
  2. Transfer the notches
  3. And apply interfacing to wrong sides of main bodice front pieces where buttons and buttonholes will be placed. This step is only necessary if you are going to work with woven!

Page 12 of the pattern tutorial shows you how to cut your pieces. After cutting you will have the following:

Woven version

I went with gingham for the woven version that I bought from the Wednesday market here in the Netherlands. It is very light and so perfect for the Zanzibari hot weather!

Lilah Sew Along bodice construction - woven version

Psst….Don’t forget to apply interfacing to wrong sides of main bodice front pieces where buttons and buttonholes will be placed.

Knit version

With knit version, I am using Poly Rayon Spandex French Terry Knit  by So Sew English. It is so beautiful and easy to work with.

Lilah Sew Along bodice construction - knit version


That’s done! Next post, Bodice Construction for Woven version. See you then.

Psst….Be sure to post your fabric choices in our Facebook Group. Please use the hashtag #lilahsewalong #myfabricchoice. I will love to see what you are working with and which version. See you there.

Don’t forget to tag us with hashtag #lilahsewalong #sansahash #lilahdress #lilahtop also in Instagram @sansahash. That way we can all find each other’s posts.

Happy sewing xxx


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