How to Add Godets to your Harmania Dress


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A godet (pronouced as Go-day) is a piece of fabric mostly in the shape of V-shaped which is set into the garment usually a dress or skirt.  The addition of a godet causes the garment to flare, thus adding volume!

So the question is how do we insert godets?

Today we will use our new release Harmania dress to show you how.

P.S. You can grab a copy of the English version here and Dutch version here.  Please be sure to share your creations on IG or Facebook.  Use #sansashash #sansahashmila

Shall we begin?

How to Add Godets to your Harmania Dress

Gorgeous Harmania dress with godets!

Step 1: 

Transfer all the markings necessary for godet insertion.

Godet Insertion

Step 2:

Take your godet and mark the insertion point 3/8”  (1 cm) away from the top edge.

Note: You can choose to finish the edges of the godet already at this point or leave them raw.

Godet Insertion

Step 3:

Mark insertion points at the end of each slash in your garment. You will have to mark 6 points for 6 slashes. Reinforce the insertion points in your garment with a rectangular patch of fusible interfacing. Then slash all the way to the insertion point and not through it!

This is how it looks at the back!

godet insertion

Godet Insertion

This is how it looks at the front.

Step 4:

With Right side of godet on the Wrong side of the garment, position the godet insertion point onto the point of the slash and pin through both layers. Note: This will be your starting and ending point of the insertion.

Godet Insertion

Step 5:

With Right side together, pin the godet in place and with raw edges matching. Remember! your seam allowance won’t align at the top! Start at godet insertion point, position your sewing needle directly over your pin and sew down towards the bottom of the garment. Don’t forget to pivot the godet at the insertion point to align the seam allowance!

Godet Insertion

NOTE: Notice that the seam allowance doesn’t match exactly at the top of the slash!

This is perfectly normal! You do not want to pull the godet over to make it match otherwise  you will make the point wonky.

Your seam allowance will start to build up to 3/8” (1 cm) as you go towards the bottom.

Godet Insertion

Do these steps with all godets. Press your seam allowance towards the godet.

You are done!

Stand back & enjoy your work!

Godet Insertion

Gorgeous Harmania dress with godets!

Happy sewing xxx


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