NEW RELEASE: English Unisex Sai Hood Zip Up Onesie – ADD ON

Okay, so who wouldn’t like a hood zip up Onesie? After waterpolo I do like to keep my daughter warm and this onesie is perfect for this. So we bring you a Sai Add on!

NEW RELEASE: English Unisex Sai Hood Zip Up Onesie – ADD ON

The Add-on features a hood, front zipper and a snap placket for the smaller sizes to simplify the diaper change and potty training process.

REMEMBER: This is not a stand alone pattern but you do need The Sai Onesie pattern to do this.

I made my daughter’s version using another Chat chocolat sweat fabric special for Christmas  and we  love it. I am loving the hood.

zip up hoodie by sansahash

There is a tutorial in the pdf to tell you how to get this perfect fit. Normally I struggled a lot to find a good hoodie for her hair. As you can see she has quite a lot ;). So I decided to draft one that can fit any child perfectly. Cool ha!

zip up hoodie by sansahash


I love how the hoodie fits all sizes!

zip up hoodie by sansahash

zip up hoodie by sansahash


Having a front zipper instead of buttons is easier for kids to undress themselves whenever they want to use the toilet don’t you agree?

zip up hoodie by sansahash


Of course for the little ones from 6m to 3t, we included in this add on a placket so its easier to change their diapers and also for potty training. How cool is that?

zip up hoodie by sansahash

OPTION: Adding Ears

Daisy from Molemieke’s naai blog added ears to her zip up hood onesie and we love it. For tutorial please visit here.

This family christmas pyjamas are must have!

There you have it!


You can grab a copy of the English version here or Dutch version here for just $2.26 (€ 2 excluding VAT) through Friday 14th December 2018.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of Sai Onesie yet, there is a coupon code in our Facebook group to purchase The Sai Bundle for only $9 (€ 8.16 excluding VAT).  Please be sure to share your creations on IG or Facebook.  Use #sansashash #sansahashsai

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Happy Sewing !

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