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Seronera Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

Fall is approaching! Yes!!! I am excited!

There are many reasons to fall in love with fall such as Halloween, black Friday, leaves changing colours into red, orange, and yellow etc. More importantly, the temperature is dropping, and there is no better reason than to get creative with your child wardrobe to keep them warm.

The Unisex Seronera Bomber Jacket is your choice this fall.

must have jacket this fall by sansahash

The jacket features a ribbed funnel neck to help insulate heat on cold days, front zipper for ease access, long sleeves with banded cuffs which are intended to cover half of the hand, welt pockets, and a ribbed hem to ensure the jacket to stay in place. The design comes with  2 options. A sporty version perfect for girls and a long version perfect for boys! This is an ultimate bomber jacket for your little ones. There is an option to add thumbholes to your jacket for more insulation in colder days.

If you haven’t sewn yours yet and are itching to make one or two for your little ones to wear this fall and fall in love with fall again, please join the Facebook Group below!

We are inviting you to join us in Seronera Bomber Jacket sew-along, starting, Monday, September, 16th. The sew along will take place until Monday, September, 24th!

Seronera Bomber Jacket pattern

Hopefully by now you have purchased your own copy of the pattern because you do need it for this sew-along, but if not, no worries because the Seronera pattern  is now on  40% off until Monday, September  24th (Dutch & English). And that is not all! There is a prize at the end of the sew-along sponsored by CHAT CHOCOLAT FABRICS! Exciting right!

Join in the Facebook Group

Please join in the fun in our Sansahash Sew Along Group where you can see the schedule, everyday post, prizes and interact and see other Seronera sew-along participants’s progress and finish garments. I’ll be there sewing  for my daughter so she can wear hers this fall.

To help you get started, here are a couple of things that are helpful:

  • You need your child’s recent measurements for a perfect fit. You will need to measure again their Chest, Waist and Length!
  • Choose the version you want to sew. Sportive or Long version.
  • Choose the right fabric. Page 9 of the pattern tutorial will help you choose the right knit!
  • Print your pattern pieces. Be sure to use the Adobe “Layers” functionality to print out only the size (s) you need.  Page 5 of the pattern tutorial shows you how to do this. Also be sure to check the “Actual Size” or “Scale to 100%” option on your Print dialog before printing the pattern.
  • There is also instructions on how to arrange the tiles so you can tape the paper together in the right order. This can be found in Page 7.
  • BLEND. (For example: My daughter is a 5 chest & waist but an 8 length. To get a perfect fit, I blended the size of the chest measurement along with the size of the needed length measurement. Check Page 8 of the pattern tutorial to learn how to blend!
  • No need to print the instructions.  I always just read using my computer or iPad.


Two options are included in this pattern. Sportive and Long version! I will be making Sportive version but the instructions are the same.

Recommended Fabrics:

– 4-way stretch knit fabric with at least 75% stretch. Recommended is a blend of at least 20% spandex/ lycra. Recommended alpenfleece, french terry, tricot, stretchy jacquard etc.

– Jacket zipper see Page 11 for the recommended length.

– Fusible Interfacing (4-way stretch interfacing)

– Ribbing for Neck, waist band and cuffs. For some ribbing that have a good recovery but do not stand well for the neckband, I suggest to use tricot fusible interfacing on half of the neckband to make it stand.

– Optional: Double-side sewing tape (that will go away when washed) to put the zipper in place.

That is all for now.

Hope to see you there! On Monday 16th we are taking off on the Seronera Sew-Along! Be sure to use the hashtag #seronerasewalong #sansahashseronera #sansahash . Don’t forget to tag us if using Instagram @sansahash. That way we can all find each other’s posts.

Happy sewing xxx

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